Not long ago I visited a charming little town called Dubrovnik – a jewel of the Croatian Adriatic Coast. I fell in love with the place – with its romantic, slow-paced, wise and laid-back air. Dubrovnik was a surprise for me. I was expecting a communist-relic seaside resort, with square, dull architecture and an antediluvian air to it. Far from it…Rebuilt after the Yugoslavian war, Dubrovnik displays an enchanted amalgam of historical heritage of its glory days as a Republic and maritime power of the Adriatic and daring modernism. A

Hello, hello, It’s been a while since my last post…a lot of changes, of discoveries, of moments of letting go of old habits and embracing new things… Back in 2011 when I started “Every You Every Me” I knew one thing: that I wanted to write and let you in a corner of my world, hoping that the things, places, people I was enjoying, meeting and experiencing would help me and you – my readers – have richer, more informed and meaningful journeys. Sometimes – many times – life takes


Every morning I break free from you, only to find myself at night, tangled in your indecipherable thoughts and your treacherous embrace … “Stop fighting it,” you whisper. “What good is it anyway? After all, this love of ours has ‘Eternity’ tattooed deep in its flesh.” I have run out of places to hide. And still, each morning I run away from you, knowing you will find me again as soon as the stars wake up at night…

I drove through Camden Town last night. I looked for us at that side wooden table on the terrace at Lock 17. Do you remember? We were those kids seized by our illicit love affair…aroused by the novelty of our feelings, by the suddenness of our actions. I stopped to look and listen. Were those our interlocking fingers weaving through whispers and lusty looks over the cocktail glass brims? We were consumed by that devouring complicity…duplicity…audacity. The world knew us as just good friends. Our secret was smirking in its

His eyes see me. Look through me, they search me and find me. They feel me and caress me. I taste their saltiness on the tip of my eyelashes. His eyes call me and sing to me ancients rhythms of love and fire. They pierce my soul and drink my essence. There is no hiding from them. And what would be the point? I want them to see me, and hold me and love me. They recognize me from a thousand others. For centuries, we have been dancing together among

Chocolate, balloon hearts and flowers…these are all the norm on Valentine’s Day. And they are all thoughtful gifts, but a bit on the lazy side, if you ask me. For those of you who want to move away from the cliché side of things, here’s a more personal, unique and meaningful way to declare your love to your better half:

  I am hanging out at my friends’ eatery, lounging carelessly on the back decked private porch, rejoicing in the privilege of being between hawk and buzzard. It’s almost midnight and the thermometer doesn’t budge from 32 degrees Celsius. The city buzzes like in plain daylight, with many finding refuge in places such as this. We’re all running away from torrid homes and burning mattresses. Sitting next to me at the wooden table are the four owners of the restaurant – two sisters and their husbands, my longtime friend who’s

He & I

He is a Capricorn. I am a Taurus. His sign verb is “to organize”. Mine is “to have”. Love, stubbornness, a passion for travelling and reading are some of the things that tie us. And then there are the differences. He is chilled about life and takes everything with a grain of salt and with a smile. I am, many times, neurotic and panicky about losing control of things. Worrying about little things, big things, worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet.

Whitehall Court

The Whitehall Court stands proud against the lead-like sky. From a distance it seems straight out of a Disney fairytale, a suggestive handcrafted canvas rather than a real frame of the live film unfolding before my eyes from across the river, on Southbank. With its spires and turrets, it is an architectural jewel thrown amidst the modernist buildings strewn along the Thames. Massive and yet delicate, its black rooftop sheltered once the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6. I walked along the Southbank shore maybe a hundred times, but only now

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