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Small Steps for Writing a Memoir

Three weeks ago I started an intermediate level creative writing course and I must say I am really happy with my decision. Every week I have a short story to write as homework and that pushes me into exploring my imagination. I always thought of myself as being better at non fiction, but fiction is starting to grow on me. Each week I feel less scared about the immensity of the thought of writing a novel.

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Alien Love

Three weeks ago I started a “Furthering your Creative Writing” course at CityLit. The first assignment was writing a 500 words story using all these words: Anti, Anodyne, Delicate, Jasper, Bodysuit, Dew, Today, Six, Outing, Oboe, Built. Here is what came out. Here’s what came up in a couple of hours.

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The Help – Book and Movie

A few weeks ago I finished reading The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, and last week-end we had a window of opportunity – aka Aidan’s lunchtime nap – and watched the movie. These moments are so rare and precious nowadays, as we’re insanely busy with work and everything in between.

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Brushing up on my reading habit

If there is one thing I miss from my work-in-the-office days, it’s the reading time during my daily commute. Books kept me going during those endless and, otherwise lost hours on tubes and buses. Thousands of pages of fiction and non-fiction kept me sane through signal failures and delayed trains. I’d say that too much of my life went to waste in such a lame manner, making me feel frustrated and powerless. If it wasn’t for books.

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