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Hello, hello,

It’s been a while since my last post…a lot of changes, of discoveries, of moments of letting go of old habits and embracing new things…

Back in 2011 when I started “Every You Every Me” I knew one thing: that I wanted to write and let you in a corner of my world, hoping that the things, places, people I was enjoying, meeting and experiencing would help me and you – my readers – have richer, more informed and meaningful journeys.

Sometimes – many times – life takes unexpected turns and we’re faced with detours and obstacles, only to find ourselves on the same track…a few experiences and skills richer, hopefully wiser and whole-er.

In the past few years I’ve been mothering, travelling, falling in and out of love…you know, all those things encompassing a human life…it hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t change anything if I could do it all over again. I learned that above all, my son excluded, I love travelling, exploring, feeling my way through places and situations. To have the opportunity to experience this big, amazing world and write about where life is taking me, is in my books, an enchanted way to live. And I feel so privileged to have been given the chance to do this.

Storytelling is to me the most soothing, gentle way to touch hearts and heal souls. When I was a little girl, my most-loved past time was listening to stories. My universe was made of books and tapes with my favourite tales of adventures of brave heroes travelling to places I dreamt of visiting one day. Believing is seeing and, one by one, those lands are now becoming beautiful memories.

Each trip I have made has been also a soul journey. I travel to places and I let my senses explore the settings. I am always looking for the story behind the experience and aiming to transcribe this into words and images. “Every You Every Me” is a mirror of those feelings. And I am looking forward to sharing these with you – whether they are resort reviews, interviews with people I meet along the way, places where tastebuds delight in heavenly foods or pieces of fiction writing inspired by the locations I allow myself to be enchanted by.

My intention for “Every You Every Me” is to be an outlet that not only helps you make informed choices when planning your holidays, but also a place that captures the magic, the undiscovered, the heart and spirit of a location, whether that be a pristine beach in the Caribbeans or an eatery in Soho, London.

My first blog post in 2011 went something like this: “This blog documents my wonderful journey into a healthier, happier life. Where it’s taking me, I don’t know. And this is the best part. You will witness it first hand, just like me. What I do know is that I feel happy and grateful that I was shown this entrance to an enchanted world – so simple, so beautiful. Looking forward to having you as my travel companion…each day love and live like there’s no tomorrow!”

I welcome your comments, questions and look forward to transforming “Every You Every Me” in a place dialogue, of sharing, of living inspired and having fun.




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