I looked for us in Camden Town

I drove through Camden Town last night. I looked for us at that side wooden table on the terrace at Lock 17. Do you remember? We were those kids seized by our illicit love affair…aroused by the novelty of our feelings, by the suddenness of our actions. I stopped to look and listen. Were those our interlocking fingers weaving through whispers and lusty looks over the cocktail glass brims? We were consumed by that devouring complicity…duplicity…audacity. The world knew us as just good friends. Our secret was smirking in its face. Ahh, sweet cockyness of the young age.

That was 10 years ago…two dreamers immersed in feelings, self-absorbed, oblivious to anything other than that sweet dream of theirs. We were those innocent victims of a love which felt eternal. We were the youngsters we half smile at today, while we pass them hurriedly in the street…We say to ourselves we’re too busy for romance. In reality, we’re too embarrassed to look at them. The gripping fear of having to acknowledge our failure stops us in our tracks.

I looked for us at Camden Lock. We were not there…The ghosts of our laughter kept ringing in my ears. They haunted me for many hours after. We’ve grown up. Forgot to laugh and hold hands. Forgot how love whispers sound on trembling lovers’ lips. When did we stop feeling our way  through life? When did we start thinking our downfall?

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  1. S says:

    …As soon as we got up from that wooden table. We think we feel and we move. On and on and on and…That happens to all and everything. We have had a great time and a great many experiences shared. We now are fortunate enough to share the most important one, our boy. I thank you and thank God for bumping into each other the way we did. And after every fall there is a rise and after every rise there is a fall and… so best enjoy the ride. Love has many many faces but only one meaning = love.

    • Maria says:

      Don’t think that I am regretful about anything in our past. It was a moment of I’ve been here…in another lifetime. Just like you, I am grateful for the outcome of our encounter, our friendship and our love…and yes…although it has many faces, in the end…it’s love. Thank you!

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