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Whitehall Court

The Whitehall Court stands proud against the lead-like sky. From a distance it seems straight out of a Disney fairytale, a suggestive handcrafted canvas rather than a real frame of

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Why do we “

Flipping through the pages of an old Elle issue, my eyes stumbled open the editorial page. It is made up of snippets of confessions from various Elle people about why, when and how they fell in love with London.

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The Festival of Life

Hello all good people out there! It’s been a long time since my last post. Between work, family and my son’s 2nd birthday party, I haven’t had a chance to write much. I’ve got many things I want to blog about, so I’ll dive right in with first topic:

On September 24 I went to a vegan fair, Festival of Life, held in London each year, in August and September. I was so excited to finally having a chance to experience live such an event and finding out more about trends in veganism, organic products, raw foods and nutrition. The description certainly looked very appealing: eco-living, arts and crafts, juice bars, kids space, raw food demos, nutrition, permaculture, activism, trance dance, meditation, yoga, healing, singing, live music, DJs, drumming, conscious partying.

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First Day at LSE

This past week I’ve been thinking about Kristin’s challenge and tried hard to make up my mind about an interesting first that happened to me when I relocated to London. God, there were so many – good and bad. It was such a tough choice to make and – with no connection whatsoever – it got me thinking about what I’ve been reading in the past two years on the topic of baby feeding: if you want them to eat something, don’t give them too many options. Seems that too much choice can throw anyone off the saddle.

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Fun Times … Cultural Times … I LOVE LONDON!

This past week has been down right crazy. Good way crazy, of course. I went out more than in the past six months. I’d met with friends for a glass of wine in the evening and later in the week, we went to a Romanian gipsy music concert with my son and partner. One word to describe this: AWESOME!

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Meeting Irina

A few days ago I had the pleasure of having coffee and sharing a pizza with my friend, Irina. Like me, she’s Romanian who’s been living in London for almost as much as I have…about 10 years. In UK people know her as Dana Popa, a talented photojournalist, who’s had successful photo exhibitions on contemporary social topics, with a particular emphasis on human rights.

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Brushing up on my reading habit

If there is one thing I miss from my work-in-the-office days, it’s the reading time during my daily commute. Books kept me going during those endless and, otherwise lost hours on tubes and buses. Thousands of pages of fiction and non-fiction kept me sane through signal failures and delayed trains. I’d say that too much of my life went to waste in such a lame manner, making me feel frustrated and powerless. If it wasn’t for books.

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