Brushing up on my reading habit

If there is one thing I miss from my work-in-the-office days, it’s the reading time during my daily commute. Books kept me going during those endless and, otherwise lost hours on tubes and buses. Thousands of pages of fiction and non-fiction kept me sane through signal failures and delayed trains. I’d say that too much of my life went to waste in such a lame manner, making me feel frustrated and powerless. If it wasn’t for books.

My only thought in the rush hour was to get a sit next to the plastic pane on the Victoria line old, dirty trains taking me daily from and to Brixton tube station. Then I would take out my book, fingers fidgeting with anticipation, and emerge  into those fascinating worlds of characters and dramas.

I was shutting out all present time heavy sweat smell, the neighbour’s elbow in my ribs or the gaudily-opened  FT belonging to the suit in front who pretended not to notice his newspaper stabbing me in the eye. Books helped me get through the days when, heavily pregnant, I was squashed between blank-stared commuters when the ones sitting down looked conveniently away as if lost in daydreaming. Some of them, predominantly women in their late 30s, early 40s would just look right at me, through me, defiant and rude as if telling me to suck it in.

Well, thankfully those days are gone. At least for now. And although I am trying hard to keep up with it, reading can be a challenge when raising a toddler and dealing with daily chores. I have open books everywhere, patiently waiting for me to get through them: books on social media and PR, on love, eating healthy, and parenting.

So a while ago I started compiling a list in my google reader with book review blogs. I subscribe to the Book Journal and get inspired about historical fiction, one of my favourites. I love reading Lizzy’s Literary Life and Blogging Books. The list can go on. Trouble is, there are hundreds of book blogs out there. If you want to know more, check out this top or this one.

Of course, I am always happy to hear about new places where I can take my reading fix. I look forward to you sharing some with me.


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