“Be My Valentine” with an original twist

Chocolate, balloon hearts and flowers…these are all the norm on Valentine’s Day. And they are all thoughtful gifts, but a bit on the lazy side, if you ask me. For those of you who want to move away from the cliché side of things, here’s a more personal, unique and meaningful way to declare your love to your better half:



drum rolls….


the #Tweetheart campaign

Notonthehighstreet.com invites YOU to tweet a romantic message (or comment on the notonthehighstreet.com Facebook page) using the #Tweetheart tag, along with your declaration of love.

Notonthehighstreet.com will select five messages to bring to life with teams of musicians and artists in London. Just to make it that bit more special, each message will be tailored to the content of the selected tweet.

What your sweetheart will get: a bespoke ‘live gift’ that will be sent wherever in London he or she is to be found. Yes, they will get it even while walking in the park or lifting weights in the gym! 🙂

Just imagine the look on their faces! Priceless!

Last year notonthehighstreet.com created personalised music videos from romantic tweets. Needless to say, the campaign had a huge success, the videos made priceless and totally unique gifts, resulting in some super happy lovebirds!

For this second year, notonthehightstreet.com wanted to go one better, by lining up some amazing surprises during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

So, in order to enter the competition, here’s what you need to do: simply tweet @notonthehighst using the hashtag #Tweetheart or post it on the company’s Facebook page. If you are among the lucky ones, you will then receive a private message from notonthehighstreet.com to get more details on where your Valentine will be on a certain day and the ‘live gift’ will be delivered during the course of the week starting 11 February.

What do you say? Original enough for you? Then tweet away, my friends, and bring smiles to your beloved lips!


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