I love fall in Bacau. Last month, we visited family for a week, which gave me the chance to meet with old friends and reminisce about our lives in the past. Being back home does that to you and I am enjoying every minute of it each time I have the opportunity to go back there.

My heart skipped a bit when during one of our morning strolls, I found myself in the middle of the town park. And suddenly it was 1995. I was again a high school girl on my way to class, kicking the pastel leaves on a deserted alley, stirring the stillness of the October crisp morning.

And, like anĀ avalanche, everything – images, sounds and flavours of the past – filled the space around me: the girly thoughts, the dreams, the smell of warm breakfast in our big kitchen, the high school crushes, the friendships and the little fights that seemed tragedies back then. I felt again the innocence and joie de vivre that filled our young heads and hearts and let it envelop me. I stood still in the middle of the alley, smiling to myself while watching this vivid movie of my past unfolding before my eyes. It felt so good. This wonderful warmth and cosiness cocooned me, as if I’d suddenly wrapped my fingers around a cup of hot chocolate while curling up in front of a fireplace, during a snowy winter day.

I was brought back from my daydreaming by my present: my beautiful boy who wanted to go in the swings. The very same ones I was still enjoying a ride in as a teenager. šŸ˜›

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