It’s finally happening!

Poison or A Happy Meal? This is THE Question...Either way, the effect is guaranteed.

This image spread like fire yesterday on Facebook. It was long overdue, but better late than never, right? This should be food for thought for all the parents out there thinking that one – two trips to McDonald’s a month can’t harm their children. Actually, it should be a warning for all people out there who eat there out of habit, because it’s cheap or because they didn’t have time to pack a sandwich and these kind of places are the only alternative when hunger strikes.

And mind you it’s not only McDonald’s the big evil here. We poison our bodies every time we cook French fries, fried meat or any other kind of fried food, for that matter. I know that maybe for some of us, fried food tastes better. I find it heavy and greasy…but try to go for the steamed, roast option any time you can. A while ago I wrote a post about the harmful oils we use every day for cooking. Check it out.

Eating healthier will not make you live considerably longer, but it will help you live better. It’s one thing to having to take each day a fistful of pills for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, fat liver and God knows what else; and it’s a totally different thing to wake up in the morning feeling good in the skin you’re in. I am exasperated every time one of my friends and relatives gives me this line: “It’s my life, I only have this one to live, so let me be and enjoy the greasy, sweet, unhealthy stuff. It makes me feel better”. The problem is, it really doesn’t. On the long run, it will only make us feel sluggish and depressed. Eventually we end up obese, with low self-esteem and sick. Rotten sick.

There is so much truth in this Twitter update I read a few months ago: Take care of you body. It is the only place you’ll ever going to live in!



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