Last week was great! Great weather, great company, great time at the Paralympics. With only a few days until the end, my friend Lorna invited us – me and Aidan – to go together to see the athletics competition. It was an amazing experience. The stadium, the crowd, the staff guiding us in singing voices towards the main entrance. Lorna said they reminded her of Disneyland. They had been greeted there with the same hospitality and jovial guidance.

I have to hand it to the Brits, they did an amazing job with everything.
Although Romania was not represented at all in the couple of hours we spent inside the stadium, I was thrilled to watch the races. And I got goosebumps every time we were asked to stand up and listen to the winners’ national anthems. The Chinese one is particularly cheerful. I almost know it by heart, because they played it many times.

My only regret is that I wasn’t there to see our gymnasts in the Olympics a few weeks before. It would have probably been a once in a lifetime experience.

Nontheless, I am happy I got the chance to cheer for the athlets and have a walk around Stratford. Talk about Stratford, while there I also had my personal little trip
down memory lane. 11years ago, when I first landed in London, I was living quite close to the area. I took my first shopping trips there. I still remember the first pair of boots I bought, high heel, the colour of the sand.





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