A friend of mine moved to Germany for a new job. She left behind for me a shopping bag full of glossy magazines. Most of them were older ELLE issues. Until now, I think I’ve bought Elle five time in my life. Just like Vogue and other magazines in its class, I always considered it to be way too crowded with ads and lacking serious content. Hence, a waste of my time and the Planet’s paper.

I was more of a Vanity Fair reader, to which I had a monthly subscription until a year ago. And yes, I found the articles in  this one lengthy and difficult to finish in one go, but I liked the information it provided. Well, most of it, anyway.

But subscribing to Elle never crossed my mind. Until last week. In the past few days I flipped through a few issues and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I read well-written, witty and abetting features.

I know some would say reading about fashion is for shallow people who appreciate vanity and form more than humility and substance. Or better yet fiddling while Rome is burning. When all of us should be concerned with helping out people in need. God knows there are plenty everywhere around the world! But a little beauty and ego delight never hurt anyone. I really think these guys at Elle are doing a great job on writing about fashion and interesting people in show biz today.

I am not here to discuss or  question anybody’s priorities and points of interest, because we are all different. But I do think that a well-written piece is worth reading whether it debates the current UK foreign politics or the latest Romance trend in clothing.

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