Happy Birthday Juliette@ Bare Skin Beauty!

If I had to name one good thing that came out of my experience of Festival of Life last summer, then that must be coming across the Bare Skin Beauty product range and meeting Juliette – the “author” of these wonderful skin care products. Today is her birthday, and this post is my way of wishing her Happy Birthday!

I am a firm believer that the way we are and feel puts us in the path of like-minded people and circumstances and in this case, my meeting with Juliette was no coincidence.

I’ve been on this road of healthy living for a while now, and skin care has become a top priority. And not out of vanity, but because I know I’ve been taking my skin for granted all through my 20s. Even worse, I abused it with too many bad products, full of chemicals that clogged it and caused premature aging. Hopefully they didn’t do any permanent damage.

We often ignore this, but the skin is our biggest organ through which we breathe and feel and which protects us from all the environmental damaging factors. Therefore, on the path to becoming better persons, we should also consider our bodies. And make a priority out of loving and taking care of it. After all, it is the only place we’ll ever truly live in.

Feeling great in our skin starts with a healthy diet and with using nourishing, organic skin products. But oftentimes it takes too long until we really find the right products for us. With so many to chose from on the shelves, all claiming to be pure and natural, only to find the label full of unpronounceable lab-made ingredients.

I was in a dilemma when I came across the Bare Skin Beauty range. I had tried many products, but none of the brands really convinced me to stick with them. After using Juliette’s Illuminating eye serum and Clarifying cleansing serum, I was curious to try more of her products and also hear about the woman, the story and philosophy behind the Bare Skin Beauty brand.

She happily invited me to stop by her stall in Greenwich market – which I did just before Christmas. This gave me the chance to also meet Ferenc – her partner in life and business. He talked enthusiastically about Juliette’s passion for holistic cosmetology and about how – once trying her potions and seeing the difference they made to his skin– he joined her in this venture.

Theirs is truly an inspiring story: two people with a law background, who gave up on their careers to pursue their passion, and loving every step of their journey. It is no small thing to love your job and maybe too few of us can claim that they do. Ferenc told me he is a strong believer in educating and informing those who join in the conversation and want to know more about the healthy alternative. Since working with Juliette he’s realized that the majority of those he comes in contact with are actually in the dark about the harmful chemicals found in the high street skincare brands.

When I ask about the Bare Skin Beauty range, both tell me they always source the finest raw materials and use organic and fair traded where possible, supplied by ethical producers that use sustainable processes that minimise waste and respect the balance of nature. To reduce the carbon footprint, Bare Skin Beauty sources from the United Kingdom and local producers, where possible. The skin rage uses only natural ingredients, free from petrochemicals, artificial colourants, silicones, perfumes, propylene glycols, lauryl sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours, preservatives, synthetic additives, GM ingredients or bulking agents.

“Every ingredient in our products is edible,” Ferenc tells me. “And probably 95% of the ingredients used are organic.” And those that are not organically certified, are naturally and ethically grown.

Proving the efficiency of Bare Skin Beauty products are the numerous testimonials on Bare Skin Beauty website, some coming from beauticians who ditched their pharmaceutical product range in favor of Juliette’s line.

I was also curious to find out more about Juliette’s sources of inspiration and her secrets when it comes to her own beauty routine. Here is what I found out:

Where do you take your inspiration when creating new products?

J. My source of my inspiration is twofold. Firstly, from the years of research I have conducted into the efficacy of raw materials on the skin, body, mind and emotions – as you cannot isolate one, they are all connected. Secondly, I work with raw materials I love and respond positively to. Ultimately I am guided by my intuition when formulating new products.

Is it a long process from the first moment of trying out a new formulation until obtaining the end product?

J. The time involved in formulating a new product entirely depends on whether it is an oil or aqueous or combined product. A water based product is much more complex and involves a great deal of science to complete perfectly. 

Could you tell me more about the process of assessing a new customer? And how popular is your Bespoke Treatment Package?

J. My Bespoke Botanicals Package is proving popular as it is a unique service and highly effective. There is nothing more nurturing than having skincare that is tailor-made to you. To assess a new client, I ask them to complete my Skinfood Prescription online. The answers to this give me an in depth insight into the client’s skin, within the context of their diet and lifestyle. A skincare product is only 1/3 of the solution to radiant skin, “we are what we absorb” and this applies to what we eat and drink and the environments we spend immerse ourselves.

I read in many articles that tap water and soap can be harmful for the face skin, especially because of all the chemicals used to treat the water. What do you recommend to somebody who doesn’t want to wash his/her face this way?

J. Invest in a bamboo cleansing cloth, fill a small bowl with spring water, use a natural cleanser and then sweep the bamboo cloth over the face three times to remove all traces of the cleanser. If you wear mascara remove it with a natural eye makeup remover first. You will be amazed at the difference in your skin by using pure water.

What’s the magic formula for a beautiful, radiant skin? 

J. This is such a complex question to answer, and I get asked all the time – it has promoted me to write an E-Book: “The Alchemy of Holistic Beauty” that will contain readable, practical advice on how to make achieve naturally beautiful, luminous skin. My top tips for natural beauty are on my website – if I had to give one beauty tip – switch from tap water to spring water.

If we use a day cream, is it necessary to use a night cream as well?

J. No, I believe less is more and I actively encourage my clients to invest in fewer products than they think they need. Commercial skincare companies have convinced us to use unnecessary products.

What kind of collaborations are you planning for 2012?

J. I have many exciting projects in the pipeline with the incredible, natural skincare guru Star Khechara and with Miss Eco Glam. I am working with another entrepreneur on a British Ethical Co-operative Shop to be opened on one of the most famous roads in London.

How does a typical day in Juliette’s life look like?

J. Every day is an adventure and opens up endless possibilities to meet and connect meaningfully with incredible people who are trying to positively change the world, one client at a time. Nothing makes me happier than having music on while formulating in my studio. I love being surrounded by beautiful, inspirational, raw ingredients, utilising ancient alchemical processes.

What’s a special ritual/product/ingredient you swear by and you could never live without?

J. I could never live without using natural, organic skincare products for my face, body, hair. I only use soap nuts to wash my clothes as it is completely natural. I swear by eating raw organic food and raw fruit and vegetables every day – it reduces your toxic burden, leading to even, and clarified, radiant skin. If I had to choose my favourite product it would be the Radiance Restored Face Serum, it smells divine and can be used in so many ways.

What are the vital steps in a woman’s daily ritual to keep her skin radiant and youthful? I am especially thinking about the busy women, who don’t have time for spa visits.

J. I am an extremely busy woman and have very little me time, I would recommend the following: start the day with an affirmation as to how incredible you are, follow with warm spring water, lemon juice and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. High protein breakfast. Raw fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Plenty of spring water and herbal teas. Be kind to your gut, take up a yoga class and get as much sleep as possible.

So far all the products that I used – for my face and body – have been great. They smell divine and feel amazing on my skin. And I use them with peace of mind, knowing that even the preservative used to ensure they have a 12-months shelf life, has a food grade quality.


There is so much more to say about this topic and about Bare Skin Beauty, but I am keeping it for later, after I have had another meeting with Juliette for a refill and more news on her upcoming projects. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the Bare Skin Beauty website, where you can find a tone of useful information about how to best nourish your skin.

And above all, don forget to nourish and love the skin you’re in!

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