Raw Food Challenge – Day 1

I must admit, along with the excitement and anticipation, I was kind of dreading this first day. I was almost looking for a way out because of the fear of not making it and being disappointed. But here I am. It’s 9.45pm and still raw. I started my day with a banana and strawberry smoothie, followed by tasty banana pancakes. For lunch I had a big avocado and mango salad that I topped up with some rocket leaves and bean sprouts. And for dessert some coconut flakes and raw honey. I couldn’t help it, I needed something sweet. 😀

For dinner, I had some tasty granola with almond milk. I should have probably had this for breakfast. I snacked on strawberries and bell peppers during the day.

I will need to get a bit more creative in the following days and add some grains to the meal plan. All through the day I craved a piece of wholemeal barley, spelt and rye bread, the one that my dead baked for us the other day. I kept thinking that this was the only thing missing for my stomach to feel full and relaxed. But I resisted the temptation.

Conclusion after a day on raw food? It’s actually not bad. For a newbie like me, you do need a bit of willpower to fight the urge of grabbing that piece of bread and chew it in a corner when nobody is watching. But if you look at the bigger picture and remind yourself why you want to do this, then it gets easier.

Why I want to do this? Because for a long time now, I”ve kept on saying I didn’t have enough greens in my diet. That dairy was my main food and I had to do something about that to change it. After Aidan was born, I suddenly became aware of my mortality…or the potentially painful life that’s waiting for me when I reach 60-70. But even more that this was the realization that I was responsible for my boy’s dietary habits. In order for him to know how to make the right, healthy choices when it comes to food, we need to change our own habits and set the example.

I’ve seen a cool thing posted somewhere the other day: “Take care of your body. That’s the only place you’ll ever live in.” This sums up best the reasons behind my dietary challenge.

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  1. Darcy says:

    I soooo respect what you’re doing! Good luck and keep us posted.

    • Maria says:

      Darcy…this reply should’ve been sent loooong ago…thank you for your kind words. I am trying hard to become a healthier person not only for my sake, but also for my son’s. Your baby looks adorable. I am enjoying your blog very much.

  2. […] cut a long story short, I tried going all raw for a week. Out of the 7 days-target, I succeeded in eating raw vegan foods for 5 days…I’d say […]

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