Vitality Gathering – Take 1

Me-time is very rare these days, and when I do get it (with the help of Daddy, of course), I make sure I have a blast. So, with some delays, due to my whole household falling victim to various stomach bugs, flues and what-have-you, I would like to tell you about my lovely experience at the Vitality Gathering event on February 18th.

I was invited at the event by Juliette Scarf @ Bareskin Beauty and I jumped at the opportunity of meeting her again, as well as some of her friends, who have been so active on my Living Healthy group on Facebook . In just a few weeks, I have learned a great deal from them.

In a nutshell, Vitality Gathering is about good, positive people, healthy, yummy food, and healing the body and the soul (pampering included).

Due to time constraints, I had to choose between sessions of EFT Therapy, a bespoke beauty facial by Bare Skin Beauty and Bowen Technique/Reiki. I went with the first two, but I look forward to having a Reiki session at the next Gathering I will attend.

So while my boys were having fun at a museum in South Kensington, I headed towards Maida Vale, excited and impatient at the same time. The event was hosted by the lovely Irene,  a talented raw food chef and co-owner at Love Pure. My mouth is still watering when I think about the delicious vegan wrap she prepared for me: pumpkin & sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and spices, topped with spirulina guacamole and tomato and mango salsa. I tell you, it was divine!

My first treatment was the EFT therapy session with Chloe, owner of Transform Yourself Today. From Chloe’s website I had found out that “EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is a quick non-invasive system of tapping on a set of acupuncture points on the body while focusing on a particular issue. This tapping releases emotions held deep within our emotional body, which in turn removes emotional blocks and behavioural patterns.”

I was curious to try it out especially because lately I have been doing a lot of inspirational reading and EFT looked like the thing to go for. I have always been interested in the concept of emotional healing and here I was, presented with the perfect opportunity to see it for myself.

Chloe welcomed me with a warm smile; she made me feel totally relaxed and even got me laughing, which I think it’s great…as I sometimes, take myself too seriously. Or so they tell me J.

Conclusion after treatment: I would certainly like to experiment more with EFT. I do believe it works as long as you believe in it and go into it with an open mind and heart. And once you get the hang of it, I believe it can become an important tool in helping us attract the abundance and happiness we’re all searching for.

After a short break and some refreshing cucumber water (by the way, this is so easy to make: just put some cucumber slices in the carafe and enjoy it), next came the Ayurvedic massage session with Juliette. Along her natural beauty products which I absolutely love, Juliette used the BIOPTRON light system to stimulate cell growth and renewal on my face.

You can find out more about the BLTS from here. It is basically a medical device technology based on a unique light therapy concept. It can be used for prophylactic treatments, therapy and rehabilitation in a variety of medical areas.

At the end of the treatment, I felt relaxed, content and grateful for having the chance to hear Juliette talk about Ayurveda, nutrition and wellbeing. That was the most informative facial session I’ve ever had in my life. She is warm, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed listening to her and I look forward to my next treatment!

What I missed this time was a therapy session of Bowen Technique/Reiki – offered by Ferenc, Juliette’s life partner and owner of Platinum Health Services. It was a great pleasure meeting him again. And I look forward to hearing more about Reiki – another area of interest for me.

There will be a Vitality Gathering II soon, so if I’ve made you curious, do not hesitate and contact the hosts on the Facebook event page.

Stay warm in your hearts! and happy in your thoughts!




Later Edit: Forgot to mention that my afternoon at Irene’s ended with the most delicious raw chocolate & banana cake…mmmmm!

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Otilia says:

    You warm my heart! Your experience sounds amazing and reading this I ended up feeling jealous that I wasn’t there. Lovely! Let me know next time:)

    • Maria says:

      My dear, you are more than welcome to join me next time. I am sure everybody will be happy to meet you.

  2. Juliette says:

    Maria – I speak on behalf of the Vitality Gathering that we would love for your blog followers to become guests of ours. We are currently oversubscribed and so we plan to move to a larger venue and add even more therapies and expert advice to the event.

    • Maria says:


      I posted yesterday on the blog about the event and I am sharing news about this event every time I have the chance. Have fun at the second event and look forward to news about the event. xoxo

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