Healthy Shopping

How do you feel about shopping? I am pretty sure you love it like I do! If done at the right time and with the right people, it can do wonders for my well-being.

There is a special shopping treat that I indulge in as often as I can and need:  every other week  I pay a visit to this little health shop on Streatham High Road, called Maitri. I accidentally stumbled upon it a few months ago and I became addicted from first setting foot in it.

At the beginning I was just going in to buy my natural shampoo and organic kiddy tooth paste. But since discovering the basement floor, full of whole grains, berries and other raw and vegan healthy goodies, I find myself returning time and again. And it’s not just for the products, but also for the enjoyable conversations I have with the shop owner about the vegetarian diet, the different uses of ointments and potions or various benefits of superfoods.

Aidan already knows that’s the place where we buy yummy raw fruity bars and there is no way we can leave the shop without getting a couple of those for the road. Ok…I must admit…there is one more thing that makes me go back to Maitri… my guilty pleasure. Chocolate, what else? They sell these amazing dark chocolate golden coconut bars that are irresistible.

A few days ago, I went in just to look around, and got out with two bags full of flours, wholegrain spelt pizza base, blackstrap molasses, some yeast extract for our B12 needs,  spirulina powder and amaranth that I was curious to try for the first time. I still need to find the perfect combination for this one. Any ideas?




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  1. Zenobia says:

    What a treat, Maria! There is a certain sense of accomplishment when buying healthy products. It may be the feeling of protecting your dear ones and yourself. Do you feel like sharing that healthy chocolate?

    • Maria says:

      Indeed, it feels great when you know you’re doing something good for yourself. I promise, next time, will save some chocolate. It is not entirely healthy though – it has brown sugar…but it is so good, you forget about that little detail. 🙂

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