“Feng Shui-ing” my space

Ever felt that nagging feeling that no matter what you did to your house or flat, the cosiness and peacefulness it should  first and foremost “emanate”, was totally missing? I felt it in most of the places I’ve lived over the years.

Most of the time, I felt the places I was inhabiting lacked in taste, elegance and harmony. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in rented accommodations for over 10 years now. Maybe it’s because the little furniture I bought over the years had to be cheap, practical, and with a short life spam. And so, against my “aching” heart and my better judgement, I had to sacrifice aesthetics, quality and my own spiritual contentment also because the price tag exceeded my budget or because the furniture and ornaments weren’t suitable for a seasonal renter like me.

Many times, it was hard to make the place look beautiful and warm because I was renting fully furnished flats, where the owner had crammed all kind of  junk – the ideal excuse to ask for higher rent.  All these years I longed to live in a house that conveyed my inner state of mind aupbeat, young spirit;  a place I would proudly call my crib, where I could feel at ease, inspired and happy.

For the past one year and a half we’ve been living in this huge 2-bedroom flat that would be amazing if only the owners were willing to refurbish it. Against all odds, I have decided I would make this place look and feel alive and welcoming.

During my stay in Romania, my friend Dana, introduced me to a few wonderful Feng Shui books. Guided by her recommendations, I immersed into a captivating reading about this ancient Chinese art form, as old as the first Egyptian pyramids. According to these books, those who practice Feng Shui know how to harmonize the home with the personality traits of the household occupants, helping them live a healthier lifestyle, enriched with personal wealth and social status.

I truly believe the places we live and work in have a big influence on our lives. And that’s why I am keen on finding out more about how to arrange and design my living space in order to have a happier existence.

Simply put, Feng Shui is the combination of a bit of Asian wisdom with interior decoration and design that will improve any aspect of our lives we feel could use a little nudge, whether it is love, finances or health. It has nothing to do with magic and miraculous solutions to complicated life issues. Many tips and principles are common sense, really. Like thoroughly dusting our homes to help the energy flow better and having a lot of plants and flowers to make the place feel warm and alive.

As humble as they may be, our homes should be our most prized possessions, where we can find refuge, protection and privacy.  And it is only up to us to turn them into oasis of beauty and peacefulness.

Finally, reading the books made me realize that Feng Shui is a whole lifestyle. It needs commitment and a bit of work; in return, it promises a better life. And who would turn down such a wonderful perspective? Through further reading and practice I am looking to turn my house into a functional, comfortable and productive home that will help me experience a boost in some aspects of my life. As an introduction, I am recommending Lillian Too’s “Feng Shui Life Planner” and Simon Brown’s “The Feng Shui Bible”. I am sure you can find many more on Amazon.

I’ll keep you posted as I go along in this new journey. Until next time, smile and be happy. 🙂

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  1. Sergiu (the dad) says:

    goody good, let’s see you put your money where your mouth is now…:) so no more ikea I gather..?

  2. Maria says:

    ikea is not really the enemy here. But let’s just say, I will be pickier with the things I buy from now on. 🙂

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