Interview with Joan Didion – a gem of an interview

I came across this wonderful interview through the Simpa blog, belonging to Cristina Bazavan. She is my go to person when I want to discover artists and writers. Before I start work in the morning, I read through her blog, make notes of things I want to see and books I want to read. Many times her blog posts lead me to wonderful websites to which I return for a daily cultural fix.

A few days ago Cristina published a post with an interview that the writer Joan Didion gave to The Paris Review a few years ago.  Immediately, I knew I had to share.  To my shame, I didn’t know much about this author. A mistake I am fixing up as we speak. I’ve already bought “The Year of Magical Thinking” and “The White Album”, and I am looking forward to reading them.

What a wonderful, complete writer! One who has tried and succeeded in many writing genres, from non-fiction to fiction. She has had an interesting life, travelled and lived in many places, met politicians and public figures, lived through grief and happiness and documented them all. How lucky and privileged are we to learn about all her experiences!

You can read the entire interview here.


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